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Transporting Fishing Rods

How do you carry your fishing rods for transport?

For local trips I usually carry mine in my van or boat, fully rigged. The rods are definitely at risk when carried rigged inside a vehicle, though, particularly since I don’t have a rack in the van. I just lie them in the back, over the back seat.

For airline travel a four piece fly rod stuffs into my suitcase. It’s hard (but not impossible!) to damage a rod inside a metal case.

If you want to carry a rigged rod ON your vehicle, one solution can be found at http://rodmounts.com/  I haven’t used their products so cannot recommend them, but they look like a good, safe solution to the problem of safely transporting fishing rods.

Let me know your favorite method. The best ones will receive a free copy of Flyrodding Florida Salt.

John Kumiski


  1. 1. I’m with you on local trips. I want them fully rigged and ready to go. I have rod hangers in the ceiling of my Suburban. So I can hang 4 rods rigged and ready inside the truck. Of course, that would only work in a Suburban or Excursion.
    2. When I travel, I use the large Orvis Safe Passage rod and reel case. I can carry up to about 8 rods (in their socks) and all my reels in a carry-on sized case. It works well and I’ve never had any problem getting it through security or taking it on the plane as a carry-on bag.
    3. Sometimes when I travel, I just hire a guy like you and leave all my crap at home 😉 See you in June!

  2. Ron Presley (via Facebook) “Ran accross the FishnStow at the CAM Expo at Rockledge BoatersExchange over the weekend. Somewhat related to your request. Makes for easy carrying of several rods and also allows verticle or horizontal storage of several rods at a time. http://mothergoosesnestoftreasures.tripod.com/fishnstow/

  3. Philip Fibiger says:

    I saw these a while ago and have to say that they are very neat looking, and seem like they’d work for a car, pickup or SUV:

    I’ve also seen a guy at my local Publix who has both ceiling mounted fly rod holders like these:

    Combined with storage lockers like this:

    That combination was really slick. Rods stay fully rigged, and all his extra gear stored neatly in the lockers. Ready to hit the water at a moment’s notice!

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