Tying the Electric Sushi Fly

Tying the Electric Sushi Fly

One year I visited the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey. There, Massachusetts fly tier Mike Martinek showed me how to tie the Electric Sushi fly. It’s a great seatrout pattern in any size, but I use it for a variety of fish species in both fresh- and saltwater. My favorite color combinations include chartreuse-and-white and chartreuse-and-pink. A double-prong, hard monofilament weed guard is helpful for fishing areas with obstructions. The Electric Sushi sinks fairly slowly. The chartreuse color is very bright, so it’s very easy to keep track of the fly’s position while you fish it.

Hook: Gamakatsu SC-15 or equivalent, sizes 4 to 3/0.
Thread: White Danville flat waxed nylon.
Belly: white Awesome Hair. If you can’t find Awesome Hair, I think Hedron’s Wing n Flash and Ice Wing Fiber are almost identical products. The world of synthetic fly tying materials can be confusing.
Back: pink Awesome Hair. Of course the colors are up to the tyer.
Markings (not shown): Black permanent marker.
Eyes: 3-D molded eyes.
Gills: Red permanent marker.

1. Place the hook in the vise and wrap the thread to the bend of the hook. This is what the material looks like as it comes from the bag.


2. Pull enough material out of the bag to make a small ball of it.


3. Tie that small ball in at the bend of the hook, right across its middle. Pull the material back and wrap it in front with three or four wraps. The truly erudite tier will hit those wraps with a bit of cement.



4. Make another little ball of material and tie it in under the hook shank, above the point of the hook. Again, wrap it first in the middle, and then in front.



5. If you’re going to use a second color, tie it in now. All remaining clumps of material will be tied on top of the hook shank, one in front of the previous one, with the same technique that we’ve already used. Be sure to leave enough room to finish the head and tie in a weed guard, if desired.


6. In this photo the tying is finished, the weed guard tied in and the head whip finished. The fly does not yet resemble the finished product.


7. Use a bodkin to begin “pulling out” the fibers, always working from front to back.





Material will break free. Keep it for the next fly. Don’t throw it away!



Work the entire fly over, top, bottom, and sides. Get all the snarls out. Use your fingers, perhaps licking them to moisten occasionally, to shape the fly.


8. Once the fly’s shape is to your liking, use Zap Goo to glue the eyes on. Use a red Sharpie to add the gill spot. If vermiculations are desired (not shown), use a Sharpie to add them. Don’t forget to cement the head!


This Electric Sushi is ready to catch fish. And now you know how to tie the Electric Sushi fly!

John Kumiski





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