Orlando Fishing Trip Options

Orlando Fishing Trip Options

By Skiff In the Lagoons- Redfish and Seatrout

This is our most popular trip. It’s available year-round, appropriate for all ages, and works for both fly fishers and conventional tackle anglers. We prefer to sight fish in shallow water for these fish. Since the water has gotten dirty we are sometimes forced to blind cast. The reds average about five pounds, but could be over 20. The trout average about 15 inches, but could hit 30.

makoto big redfish

By Paddle Craft in the Lagoons- Redfish, Seatrout, Black Drum

This is our second most popular trip. It’s available year-round, and works for physically fit fly fishers and conventional tackle anglers. Using a canoe or kayaks we try to sight fish in shallow water. The reds average about five pounds, but could be over 20. The trout average about 15 inches, but could hit 30. A winter-time no motor zone trip could yield behemoth black drum.

Paddle fishing requires some sweat equity on the part of the angler. You must be in good physical condition for these trips.

banana river lagoon black drum orlando fishing

By Skiff Along the Beaches

I run a 17 foot boat. Beach fishing trips demand great weather!

-cobia and tripletail. Cobia show up along the space coast in March. March and April are the two best months, although you could run into them any time between March and October. This is sight fishing for the most part, and works best with conventional tackle.

secrets of sightfishing

-mega-jacks and king mackerel. Warning- a big jack will hurt you! The big jacks appear in April and hang around for eight weeks or so, if they show up at all. These fish will sometimes take a fly, but nothing beats a live menhaden. For king mackerel we generally use menhaden, slow-trolling them.

orlando fishing

-tarpon. Tarpon don’t show until the water temperature hits at least 75, although they prefer 79. The time of year runs from late May into October. We also need schools of menhaden. When these two conditions coincide our tarpon fishing is absolutely world class.

Tarpon also show in the lagoons, although there does not seem to be any kind of pattern to their appearance. Some years they show, other years they don’t. The water temperature is still a critical element.


-the mullet run. Mullet migrate south along the beaches during September, October, and early November. Every kind of fish that eats mullet may be there then. When it’s good, getting eight or ten different species is not unusual, including tarpon, snook, redfish, seatrout, crevalle jacks, bluefish, ladyfish, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, tripletail, little tunny, mangrove snapper, flounder, and several species of sharks.

spring cobia fishing port canaveral

Freshwater Fishing

C.S. Lee Park is ten miles from my house. From there I fish from Puzzle Lake to Lake Harney on the St. Johns River, and in the Econlockhatchee River. Fish species include largemouth bass, black crappie (winter), various species of sunfish, striped bass, American shad (January to March), and catfish. Fly fishers can get 30 fish days here.


St. Johns Bass


And those are our Orlando Fishing Trip options!