Fishing in Black and White

Fishing in Black and White

Once upon a time, there were no smartphones, no cell phones of any kind. Telephones were attached to one another by means of wires, could not be moved very much, and were often attached to walls of buildings. There were phones outside that anyone could use if they had some money (ten cents for a local call) to put into them.

There were no computers or tablets, either. How did we live?

If you wanted to take a picture of something you had to use a device called a camera. In the camera was a piece of light-sensitive celluloid called film. You would obtain the image from film by treating it with a series of chemical baths. Then you had to use the film with some light-sensitive paper, and another series of chemical baths, to get a photograph. The process was crude, but the results often lovely.

Film came in two main flavors, black & white, and color. I was always fond of black & white, and used dark arts to obtain the images I’ve shared below.

Hopefully you will find some enjoyment in viewing these old photos, Fishing in Black & White. Click on any image to start the slide show…

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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