The Orlando No Fishing Report

The Orlando No Fishing Report

First of all, wishing everyone a magnificent Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t forget to count your blessings and give thanks!

Friday morning Sue and I drove to Madeira Beach to go to Ashley and Anton’s wedding. It was a lovely affair and we had a great time, spending the entire weekend over there. See the photos here…

Monday there was a monsoon as a strong cold front pushed through.

Tuesday was cold and windy with intermittent light rain. It was almost comfortable at the auto repair palace- Auto Nation Toyota Winter Park. They do good work there.

Tuesday evening I attended the public scoping meeting for the Port Canaveral Rail Extension. The Port Authority wants to build a rail line along the route shown at this link…


In order to build the 11 miles of track they want to build a new causeway and trestle bridge across the Banana River Lagoon, which will certainly involve dredge and fill. Once the track is in place a 200-car train will come and go along the track four times a week.

I fail to see how this project benefits the people of central Florida as concerns their quality of life. It certainly won’t be good for the health or biodiversity of the Banana River Lagoon, or for those of us who enjoy using it.

To get more information about the proposed project, visit these links…  …

You can make comments to the Surface Transportation Board at

My letter to them is at this link…

Please paste and copy and send the Surface Transportation Board a letter. If you enjoy fishing in the no motor zone please take the 15 minutes to send the letter. That’s the beauty of the democratic process. You need to write!


Some more thought provoking reading-


Broken cars and computers kept me occupied on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday too. The fact that the water temperature dropped 11 degrees over the past four days did not make me want to rush out to go fishing, either. The weather this week has been awful. But my computer is now restored and has had a memory upgrade (I wish I could get one of those) and my car is ready to go. Susan’s car needs a little more work, but the big stuff is fixed.

Friday I worked on various things, especially books. It was reasonably nice out but I just couldn’t get jacked to go fishing, as windy as it was.

One of the errands I ran on Wednesday was to Mudhole Custom Tackle ( ) to get some parts for a rod repair. One of the things I’m thankful for this year is that Mudhole is 15 minutes drive from my house, and they stock every fishing rod component known to man. The rod got repaired on Friday.


An ebook version of Fishing Florida’s Space Coast is now available at Amazon at this link…

I’m also working on an ebook revision for Redfish on the Fly. Now that the computer is repaired that work should go a little faster.

I got the new Florida Sportsman magazine on Friday and had an article in it, featuring photographs of handsome son Alex.


And because I did not go fishing once this week, that, my friends, is a fortunately rare Orlando No Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!


Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski


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