Last 2017 Fishing Bear Lodge Fishing Report

Last 2017 Fishing Bear Lodge Fishing Report

This is the August 27 Fishing Bear Lodge fishing report, my last from here this year.

fishing bear lodge fishing report

An Alaskan classic, this sockeye salmon was caught by Jeff.

The last of our fishing guests left this morning. The quality of the light borders on autumnal. A few cleanup days and a few travel days separate me from central Florida, friends, and family.

fishing bear lodge fishing report

Angie found this moose horn on Lake Beverley’s shoreline.

The fishing this week past was the toughest of the season. The Agulapak was slow two days, even breaking out every technique we knew. The grayling actually exhibited some symptoms of hook avoidance. Pike fishing for us produced but a single fish. It did break a rod, however. Only the char bit well, fat, healthy fish with an attitude.

fishing bear lodge fishing report

Jeff got this big char on a pink bunny leech.

While we caught char on nearly everything we tried, the best char fly by far was a cerise bunny leech, an Alaska standard. Sinking lines produced more fish after flies presented on floating lines stopped producing.

fishing bear lodge fishing report

Katie with a nice pike on a very rainy day.

Feeder creeks are mostly empty of live salmon. Dead ones litter the banks. Sockeyes are still staged at creek mouths, though. I have to wonder if there’s a second push of spawners in the future. I won’t find out.

That is 2017s final Fishing Bear Lodge fishing report!

There will be no report next week. The next one will be coming from Florida’s space coast! Thanks for reading!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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  1. Sounds like you had a good summer. Someday I’d love to hear how this summer stacked up against Goodnews and the last two summers. Sure seemed like it was a nice fit. Safe travels to you. Grace.

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