Humpie Time Whale Pass Fishing Report

Humpie Time Whale Pass Fishing Report

What on earth is humpie time, you ask? A humpie is another name for a pink salmon, a noble little creature. They are starting their spawning run in the creeks on Prince of Wales Island. It’s humpie time, thus the humpie time whale pass fishing report.

whale pass fishing report

Alex with a pink salmon, or humpie.

Nick Colantonio, come on down!

Nick, a.k.a. the Comatose Angler, emailed me the following haiku, related of all things to glaciers.

Drinking glacier melt.
Has ice worms. Tiny, die at
thirty-two F. Ugh

Nick went on to say, “Ice worms are not harmful. They are about 1/32 inch, if I remember correctly.  On one glacier tour out of Whittier, Alaska, the naturalist gives the glacier worm lecture after guests chill their drinks with glacier ice. I was drinking coffee. Hot.”

Nick, email me a snail mail address and I will get you a book when I get home.

This week’s bumper sticker:

whale pass fishing report

Hey, it’s Alaska!

I had two glacier trips this week, and one to the bear viewing site an Anan. I’ve never been to the bear viewing site myself. I just bring the guests there. The bears gather at Anan because the pink salmon try to swim up the falls there. The bears recognize an easy meal when they see it. So after the guests were dropped off I pulled out a fly rod and got my first pink salmon of the season, on a small pink and orange marabou streamer.

whale pass fishing report

Wine and cheese at the glacier…

On Thursday we only had four guests in house. They went halibut fishing with Capt. Julian, leaving me with most of the day off. After tying some flies I got Nuttapong, who had not yet caught a salmon in Alaska, and together we went to the 108 Creek.

Nuttapong hit a wild silver salmon on his first cast, using a Fiord Spoon. He also got two Dolly varden and a pink salmon.

I hooked and lost a salmon, then missed a strike, then hooked and broke one off, and then finally got a pink. It has been raining all week (almost biblically), so the creek is running high. My fish put up a hell of a battle, way more than I normally expect from a pink salmon.

The 108 is running a little high...

The 108 is running a little high…

Perhaps the extra water and the little eight foot three-weight I used gave the fish an even chance.

Friday I woke up under the weather (yes, it was still raining, although we got about 15 minutes of sun in the afternoon). So no fishing got done.

Saturday the Keach’s went fishing with me in the 108 Creek. Mr. Keach fly fished, Mrs. Keach spin fished. Both did well, with several silver salmon caught and 15 or so pinks. It’s humpie time!

whale pass fishing report

Mrs. Keach, fishing the 108.


whale pass fishing report

Danya with one of several salmon she caught, this one a pink.

Silver salmon fishing at Neck Lake Outlet seems to be slowing down. The run this year certainly did not come near to last year’s in terms of numbers of fish. But the pinks will just keep getting better from here on, into September.

whale pass fishing report

The pink salmon will be this thick in the 108 Creek in a couple of weeks.

And that is the Humpie Time Whale Pass Fishing Report from the Lodge at Whale Pass and Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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