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Happy Thanksgiving Space Coast Fishing Report

Happy Thanksgiving Space Coast Fishing Report

I hope all of you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving, and I thank you for reading this Space Coast fishing report.

The observant among you probably noticed I skipped last week. Really, there was nothing to report.

Non Fishing-
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Tammy, Mike and I were supposed to go fishing. Something about the 20 knot winds in the forecast scared off some of the participants. I went alone to the north end of the Indian RIver Lagoon, and enjoyed the birds and wind.

Mike Conneen and I went to Spruce Creek to do some paddling. My first fish was a fat flounder. Have you ever noticed you never hear the words “catch-and-release” and “flounder” in the same sentence?

space coast fishing report

Happy and surprised by this fish, I invited it home for dinner.

In addition I got five redfish and two snook, all on jigs. With the exception of a 22 inch red, everything was decidedly below the slot.

space coast fishing report

This was my second-best fish.

Mike got some fish too!

space coast fishing report

Mike lost the big one ­čÖü

Tom VanHorn took me into the Banana River Lagoon. You still can’t see the bottom. While I brought a fly rod I really didn’t expect to use it.

My first fish was a monster sail cat, the biggest I’ve ever gotten. I cleaned a large chunk of slimy goo off my leader afterwards.

That’s a fistful of slimy fish, now!

We began hitting seatrout, fairly nice ones.

space coast fishing report

We hit several limits of trout like this.

We came to a spot where the trout action on jigs was hot enough that I broke out the six-weight. I can’t say I did great but I missed a few strikes and got a couple trout to about three pounds.

space coast fishing report

Even got some with the fly pole!

All-in-all it was the best fishing I’ve had since Irma passed by, which is certainly encouraging.

And that, dear reader, is the Space Coast fishing report. Thanks for reading!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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