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Goodnews River Lodge, Alaska Fishing Report

Another Mountain, Hot Fishing

Monday Aaron the cook and I went hiking, this time across the tundra to climb a mountain to which I’d never been and of which I don’t the name. The hike across the tundra was a journey of exploration.

Tundra looks flat. Ha! It actually is full of holes, quite spongy, and in many places very wet, with ankle deep water in places. The flowers are incredible but when you have a long way to go you can’t stop and smell the roses, so I didn’t photograph any that day.

Thar’s snow in them hills…

We got to the mountain at 1 PM, and commenced climbing. I stopped at the first outcrop. I knew I needed to save something for the return trip. Aaron left his pack and almost ran the rest of the way up and back, taking almost another hour. He reports the views were spectacular.

This one is for Aaron’s mom.

After a long walk back we reached my boat a little after 5 PM. Eight to five, humping it the whole time. I was beat.

John the Tundra Angel.

King salmon fishing is still excellent, with lots of big fish. Several of my fishermen have gotten king salmon well in excess of 25 pounds this week, including fly fisherman Steve Antanasio and Dr. Ron Bowerman, photos below.

King Salmon by Steve Antonasio.

King Salmon by Dr. Ron.

The chums and pinks are in in ridiculous numbers. Lots of methods will work for these fish, but small pink flies are easy to tie, easy to cast, and work as well as anything else. If they are very thick in the spot you’re fishing you can popper fish them.

This chum salmon was Katie’s first fish on fly.

John Pluhar joined me today, wanting to learn to fly fish. We started at the beginning with a little theory, then went to casting mechanics, then went fishing. He got several Dolly varden to five pounds, as well as numerous chum and pink salmon. Let’s not discuss the missed strikes!

John Pluhar learned to fly cast here, catching this pink salmon, and several chums and dolly varden.

The chums and sockeyes are about to start dropping eggs so dollies should go off the charts, as should the trout fishing. I love this time of the summer here.

Fishing Story of the Week- after dinner one evening Will the Brit and Aaron the cook joined me for some chum fishing. The cook got a pink and the Brit got a chum. I wanted a photo of them with their double. The fish weren’t cooperating. In the middle of trying to hold his wiggling salmon, Will smacked Aaron right in the kisser with it, almost laying him out. A hilarious photo sequence, sadly cut short for the blog.


Will smacks Aaron…

… and Aaron nearly goes down for the count.

That is this week’s Goodnews River Lodge, Alaska Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- go fishing!

John Kumiski



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