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Fishing Bear Lodge Fishing Report

Fishing Bear Lodge Fishing Report

This is the July 22 Fishing Bear Lodge fishing report. After a week of fishing here every day with guests all I can say is WOW!

The rainbow trout fishing I’ve done so far has not been spectacular. But I have not had a directed rainbow trout day yet. One trip went to the Agulapak River this week, with good results. The best fish was a 20 inch ‘bow.

We have dry fly fished for grayling several days. Fish are plentiful and willing, taking #12 and 14 dry flies. They were not fussy as to pattern, with both mayfly and caddis imitations working well. The best of the week were a couple of solid 20 inch fish.

fishing bear lodge fishing report

The grayling are plentiful, willing, beautiful.

We have fished for northern pike a couple of days. No behemoths were caught, but there are so many fish. The strikes are not for anyone with a weak heart. Unlike dry fly fishing for grayling, pike fishing lacks subtlety. But it is really fun, and the action is pretty much non-stop. Most of this week’s guests, the Carney family from Texas, used Zebco push-button reels, making landing the fish more challenging. Tremendous.

fishing bear lodge fishing report

What’s not to like about pike???

We also fished for Arctic char, similar to the Dolly varden that I so enjoy. These fish have not been especially plentiful so far. My understanding is that once the sockeye salmon start dropping eggs they get the char’s immediate attention. I’m looking forward to that.

fishing bear lodge fishing report

The Arctic char have not shown in big numbers yet.

The scenery here rivals any on the planet. I feel blessed to be working here. The staff is great, the guests have been awesome. I am so lucky.

But I miss Susan!

That is this week’s Fishing Bear Lodge fishing report!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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  1. Captain Tom Van Horn says:

    I have some work lined up for us in In the NMZ November. Enjoy Alaska and I’ll see you on your return home.

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