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Belated Valentines Day Orlando Saltwater Fishing Report

Valentines Day Orlando Saltwater Fishing Report

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I only got out two days this week. Monday I took the kayak back to the Indian River Lagoon spot that gave me such an incredible day last week. It was way more subdued this time. I had a couple dozen shots at redfish. All but one spooked off the various flies. I brought a camera this time and did something I’ve never done before to hold the fish for the picture (it certainly can’t be called a photograph)- I used my feet.

orlando fishing report

Holding the fish with my feet was not that easy to do.


orlando saltwater fishing report

The fish took a Trout Bite.

If you have any unusual ways of holding fish for photos we all would love to hear them.

orlando saltwater fishing report

Not exactly the fish of the trip, but a fun catch due to its novelty.

I got about a dozen trout too, the best one maybe three pounds. Synthetic streamers were used. I also got what for me was quite an unusual catch- a spotted gar that took a seaducer. It photographed well. All fish were, as per usual, released. I got nice and wet on the back end, caught in the rain by an incoming cold front.

orlando saltwater fishing report

This modest specimen was the best trout of the day.


orlando saltwater fishing report

It ate a synthetic minnow and splashed water all over the lens.

Tuesday and Wednesday there were small craft advisories. All the boats stayed in the yard. I watched the trees rock back and forth, releasing mass amounts of pollen.

Thursday Matt Ohley and his son Noah joined me for a half day on the Mosquito Lagoon. We left the dock with high hopes. The lagoon proceeded to crush them.

There were no fish at the first spot, where last time there were hundreds of black drum and some redfish. No fish. None. Not even mullets.

The second spot had some fish, mostly trout, pretty nice ones. They were very spooky and would not bite. I staked out the boat and tried soaking bait. No, that did not work either. So we left and tried door number three.

There were quite a few fish there, mostly nice-sized trout but a few redfish too. Again, they refused all our offerings, including some soaked pork chops. They left lovely wakes as they sped away from us, though.

I’m going to have to go to six pound braid with twelve pound leaders and simply cast a mile to where I think they are from now on. By the time I can see them they just won’t bite because they already know we’re there.

Friday I drove up to Ocala and set up my booth at the Ocala Sportsmen’s Exposition, where I spent Saturday and Sunday (explaining why this report is delayed). Met some good people, saw some old friends, yes, the Gatorman!, got some flies tied, it was a good trip. Maybe some bookings will come from it, one can only hope.

Looking at the weather forecast for this week was not very encouraging. We’ll see what reality brings.

And that is this week’s Orlando Saltwater fishing report from Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski


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