Bananas and Boats

Bananas and Boats

banana and boats

Have I doomed these flies to a lifetime of failure???

Fishing has been important to me my entire life. Bananas have been important to me my entire life. Fishing and bananas always went together like beans and franks, ham and eggs, beer and pretzels. Et cetera.

It came as a shock when someone tried to educate me in the mid-1980s that bananas in a boat are bad luck. “Hooey!” I said when I heard this. “Bananas are delicious, nutritious, and filling, and have nothing whatsoever to do with luck.”

I still believe this, and take bananas aboard my boat all the time. Of course lately my luck has been declining, but so has everyone else’s around here. Water quality has nothing to do with bananas.

However, having said all of that, I found a video that seems to indicate that bananas may actually be bad luck when taken aboard a fishing vessel. Of course one trip is a small sample size, and preconceived notions may have come into play during filming.

Watch the video yourself, and then let me know what you think by using the comment form below. And thank you for reading!

John Kumiski

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