apps to utilize to make fishing easier

apps to utilize to make fishing easier


Guest Blog by James Wilson

There’s no doubt that even the most trivial problems we encounter on a daily basis, we tend to now lean on technological aids to overcome such hurdles. And it’s testament to app developers that such fishing-centered apps have become a vital part of people’s itinerary when planning their next fishing trip.

Just like the eBook which we recently documented on to help anglers seek advice on fishing in the Florida region, we feel that apps have just as important place in the modern fisherman’s “tackle box”. If they make the job easier for us all, why shouldn’t we rely on such technological short cuts?

With the Verge publishing an article saying that there is now over 1 million apps in the App Store, there has been a spike in the amount of fishing apps available recently. Couple this with the increase in smartphone usage across the world, especially in America to a reported 17% and many companies are seeing the need for a more digitally focused business model through such formats as apps.

Many developers are tapping into the need for instantly accessible content via mobile devices as it is said to be “one of the most powerful trends on the Internet landscape,” of late per PocketFruity developers Gaming Realms. Thus, the increase in Internet mobile activity is only heightening the need for more innovative apps to hit the market on a daily basis.

One of the best apps to come from this surge in apps being produced in the fishing sector is Pro Angler – Premium Fishing App. Designed by Open Ocean Apps, it equips the user with GPS tracking and the following great features:

– GPS hot spots database
– Extensive database to help identify species
– Detailed regulations reference database
– Solunar times
– Tide information
– Weather forecasts
– Tips from professional anglers
– Also, detailed walk-throughs on various beginner techniques

There’s also FL SW Fishing Regulations app, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll never fall foul of any regulations again with this informative app. It also has built-in data on all Saltwater Fish from the state of Florida as well as illustrations and the aforementioned regulations.

Regulations data includes:

– Size limits
– Bag limits
– State records
– Fish identification info
– Habitat info

The best thing about FL SW Fishing Regulations is that you don’t need Internet access to access it vast array of data so it’s the ideal partner on a fishing trip.

If you have any other recommendations of apps that have helped you fish in Florida, speak your mind below.

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