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A New Shoe From Soft Science For You



A New Shoe from Soft Science For You

One of the benefits of blogging is that once in a while I get a free book to review, or a new product to test. One of the nicest and most practical of these products yet was delivered to me recently, a pair of shoes from Soft Science. My son laughed at them. HA! What does he know?

So I put these shoes on, and walked around the house with them. Wow. It’s like walking on a cloud, very cushy and nice. They’re nice and light, too. Although the design is different than any shoes I ever saw I really like them. They turned out to be awesome in the boat, too.

Two former executives at Crocs got together and designed these shoes. They wanted to take comfort casual footwear design to a new level. They wanted shoes that from both technical and style standpoints would be different from anything else out there. They wanted shoes that would take an uncompromising stand on comfort, but at the same time be stylish and fun, in a funky sort of way.

So they designed shoes that you can relax in, shoes that you can light exercise in, or shoes that you can work in comfortably if you are on your feet all day. These shoes are ultra light, superbly cushioned, supportive and durable, and have an attractive price point.

They may be the most comfortable shoes that you will ever wear.

One of the “benefits” of aging is the arthritis appearing in my feet. I need a shoe that lets me stand on a poling tower all day without any pain, a cushioned, ventilated shoe that is really comfortable. These more than fit the bill, a wonderful discovery for me.

Soft Science shoes come in various designs, in both men’s and women’s styles. The one I have is called the Fin. It’s a lace-up water shoe with a self-draining system and a mesh upper. The Fin watermen’s shoe dries quickly. It’s ideal for fishing and boating enthusiasts, surfers and beachcombers. You won’t need arthritic feet to appreciate the comfort, either.

I think the Soft Science shoes will be every bit the hit Crocs were. I know I’ll be getting more. For more information visit the Soft Science website at http://www.softscience.com. You will be glad you did!


John Kumiski

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