13 Time Saving Tips for Lucky Anglers

orlando fishing, orlando redfishing, orlando fishing tripLucky anglers get that way because they operate efficiently. They recognize opportunities and act decisively when one presents itself. Let’s take a look at 13 tips that when incorporated into you everyday angling routine will make you one of the lucky ones.

1. Keep your spool full with fresh line. You can cast farther when the spool is full. Fresh line is stronger than old line.

2. Don’t use swivels, snaps, or other similar hardware. These devices have some specific uses, but most of the time they just mess up the action of your bait or lure. Keep as little “stuff” on the business end of the line as you can. Try to keep it line-leader-hook.

3. In the same vein, use as little weight as possible. In the lagoons that may mean none at all, or a small shot. In the surf, use the smallest weight that will get the job done.

4. Wear a line clipper on a piece of fishing line around your neck. I hang mine on a piece of fly line. Any time you need to cut your line the right tool is right there.

5. Carry a good pair of pliers. I like the Gerber MultiTool. Keep them in a nylon holster on your belt. Any time you need them they are within easy reach.

6. Keep a dehooker handy. There are many styles, including home-made, but the ARC Dehooker is the best known. The dehooker not only saves you time, it saves the lives of the fish you release. You don’t even need to touch them!

7. A towel kept in your pocket or on your belt will dry and de-slime your hands when touching the bait, fish, or what-have-you becomes necessary.

8. Keep more than one rod handy, each with a different lure rigged. When you want to change lures, simply switch rods, rather than cutting and re-tying.

9. Practice your knot tying until you can tie your favorites blind-folded. You want to tie good knots quickly when you’re surrounded by fish.

10. When using live bait, keep a little dip net handy for pulling it out of the bait well, bucket, or whatever.

11. When searching for fish, use attractor-type lures that make noise, vibrate, have a lot of flash, or all three. Cover as much water as you can!

12. When you’re on spooky species of fish, use subtle baits like jerk baits or the DOA Shrimp. These baits are less likely to scare off spooky fish. Of course, for aggressive fish like bluefish or crevalle the noisy lures will usually be a good thing!

13. Hire a guide. Let them do all work! I’m available! Call me now! 407.977.5207, http://www.spottedtail.com/Rates.htm

Try incorporating these thirteen tips into your daily fishing routine and watch them increase your luck!

John Kumiski

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  1. John – great tips…makes me want to go fishing ASAP. I attended one of your walking tours of the refuse back in 2005 and wow, it was a big game changer for me – I caught more fish plain and simple.

    I appreciate you, Rodney Smith and other “education focused” guides and I recommend you frequently. Keep blogging!

  2. thanks, herb, i appreciate the feedback and kind words

  3. Hey John, great tips, I’d like to add one if I may….


    Whether you are wade fishing with a fishing vest, or offshore on a massive sportfish boat, knowing where your gear is when you need it is huge!! Five or Ten minutes of prep time before a fishing trip can help avoid major frustration later in the day.


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